Beyond the Magic Bullet: The Anti-Cancer Cocktail

Beyond the Magic Bullet: The Anti-Cancer Cocktail Anti Cancer Cocktail

While scientists win occasional skirmishes in the battle against cancer, the general war continues to travel badly. Stories abound regarding revolutionary medication which will be on the market within the future, however, supply no real facilitate to people who have cancer nowadays.

At present, standard approaches still place confidence in a narrowly centered strategy of treatments, with doctors victimisation, at best, only 1 or 2 medication or different therapies at a time. whereas this could be acceptable in a very laboratory setting or a test, it’s done very little to diminish the quantity of individuals United Nations agency die annually from this dread unwellness.

Recently, however, standard medicine’s core strategy has been re-examined, and a new, probably simpler approach has emerged―one that mixes the most effective of knowledge with Western science.

Beyond the Magic Bullet―The Anti-Cancer Cocktail by Dr. Raymond Chang takes a penetrating look at this bold new way of treating cancer.

The book begins by examining fashionable medicine’s use of surgery, radiation, therapy, endocrine medical aid, and targeted medication within the war against cancer. It then offers a brand new medical aid supported the data that bound off-label medication, nutrients, and therapies are every somewhat effective against cancer.

By combining these therapeutic agents into a “cocktail,” doctors have found that they will attack cancer all directly, on completely different levels and at many different angles, with the goal of overwhelming the unwellness.

Dr. Chang does not solely discuss the effectiveness of the cocktail, however additionally provides associate in a nursing examination of the foremost valuable agents on the market. For over 1000 years, ancient Chinese medication has used the cocktail approach to soundly and effectively fight unwellness. Throughout the globe, the foremost self-made treatments for HIV and viral hepatitis have supported this strategy.

Beyond the Magic Bullet―The Anti-Cancer Cocktail leads the way to a bright new future of hope and healing.

This book had plenty of alternative/complementary concepts for beating cancer. I’d advocate it for somebody beginning out on their cancer journey. several of the concepts were things that I had detected before however, it’s nice to own data bushed one place.

I have simply started reading the book, however, I prefer the multiple choices (e.g. cocktail) for serving to with cancer and diseases. Well, it did not enter depth regarding the Chinese herbals, that I hoped this book would do. it conferred principally information on conventional medication.

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