Dried Cauliflower Mushroom Sparassis Crispa Natural Antibiotic Anticancer 100g

Sparassis (also known as cauliflower mushroom) is a genus of parasitic and saprobic mushrooms characterized by their unique shape and appearance. This appearance can be described as similar to a sea sponge, a brain, or a head of cauliflower, from which it has been given its popular name. They are increasingly cultivated and being sold in Korea, Japan, USA, and Australia. Dried Cauliflower Mushroom.

The protein content of the shrub is concerning 12.9%, that is far on top of that of common vegetables, fruits. Containing seventeen styles of amino acids, about 9.3%, the complete vary, 8 styles of essential amino acids in an organic structure that accounted for 33.9% of the full.

And to say for high-quality protein in animal foods compared to the protein of the Sparassis Crispa High biological process price. Sparassis Crispa is additionally wealthy in carbohydrates similarly Bioactive substances, lipid content is low, is a perfect high-protein, low-calorie food sources.

An edible methodology of diversification is ironed, mixed, fried, rinse, stew and fry. mouth a way of crisp, high organic process worth.

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