The New Generation Breast Cancer Book: How to Navigate Your Diagnosis and Treatment Options-and Remain Optimistic-in an Age of Information Overload

The New Generation Breast Cancer BookThe New Generation Breast Cancer Book

From an expert in the field comes the definitive guide to managing breast cancer in the information age — a comprehensive resource for diagnosis, treatment, and peace of mind.

The breast cancer cure rate is at associate degree incomparable high and then is that the info, to mention nothing of the information, accessible to patients and their families. Online searches will cause unreliable sources, departure even the foremost resilient patient feeling uneasy and unsure regarding her identification, treatment choices, doctors, facet effects, and recovery.

Adding to a patient’s anxiety is input from well-meaning friends and family, with stories, worries, and opinions to share, generally while not knowing the main points of her specific case, once actually breast cancer treatment has gone well on the far side a “one size fits all” approach. Elisa Port, MD, FACS, chief of breast surgery at The Mount Sinai Hospital and co-director of the Dubin Breast Center in Manhattan, offers associate degree optimistic counterpoison to the ocean of net information on screening, diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment. within you’ll discover

• the varied situations once mammograms indicate the requirement for a diagnostic test
• the inquiries to raise regarding surgery, therapy, radiation, and breast reconstruction
• the necessary things to appear for once deciding wherever to urge care
• the key to deciphering sophisticated pathology reports and avoiding confusion
• the facts on genetic testing and therefore the breast cancer genes: BRCA-1 and BRCA-2
• the simplest resources and recommendation for those supporting somebody with breast cancer

From innovations in breast cancer screening and evaluating results to post-treatment medications and living as a breast cancer survivor, Dr. enzyme-linked-immunosorbent serologic assay Port describes each doable check and each style of a doctor visit, providing a comprehensive, empathic guide that each fresh diagnosed girl (and her family) can need to own at her facet.

Praise for The New Generation Breast Cancer Book

“One book you need . . . If you’re considering your options for treatment or know someone who is, this step-by-step guide, The New Generation Breast Cancer Book, is essential reading.”InStyle

“Elisa Port, M.D., is the doctor every patient deserves: brilliant and compassionate. Her book will be a sanity saver and, quite possibly, a lifesaver.”—Geralyn Lucas, author of Why I Wore Lipstick to My Mastectomy

“As up-to-date as one can get, with lots to offer people facing a cancer diagnosis or hoping to support someone with the disease.”Library Journal (starred review)

The New Generation Breast Cancer Book helps you sort through all the information you’ve gathered, clarify the terminology, consider the options, and make the right decisions for your unique case.”—Edie Falco
“A lifeline for many women in need of today’s most up-to-date choices for treatment . . . Everyone should read this book for themselves, their mothers, grandmothers, daughters, and friends.”—Kara DioGuardi, Grammy-nominated songwriter, music executive, and Arthouse Entertainment co-founder

“The book is teeming with easy-to-understand medical explanations, tips, takeaways, and pro-and-con discussions of various courses of action. Port also includes two extremely useful appendices that respectively take on common myths and answer questions frequently asked by friends and family. This is a vital read that will empower men and women alike.”Publishers WeeklyThe New Generation Breast Cancer Book How to Navigate Your Diagnosis and Treatment Options And Remain Optimistic In an Age of Information Overload

Such a useful browser. As a newly diagnosed breast cancer patient, within the short time, I actually have been reading this book, it’s given American state a wealth of knowledge while not the data overload you’ll get encumbered in. It’s organized merely and logically. I will be able to admit that I failed to browse cowl to hide, however, jumped the areas that almost all interested American state for my personal state of affairs. It’s written in clear, intelligible terms. Finally, I personal blue-eyed positive hopeful messages during this book coming back from such Associate in Nursing skilled within the field. Reading it created American state feel stong.

An informative, fast browse for somebody new diagnosed (like me) desire immediate answers regarding the way to proceed. Got it when being attentive to Dr. Port on NPR’s contemporary Air with Terry Gross. browse it in regarding 2 hours. there’s nothing here that can’t be found online, from honored sites like, NIH, the mayonnaise clinic, and Susan Komen. however it’s ideal for somebody with zero backgrounds or understanding of breast cancer, and World Health Organization might not be able to differentiate between sensible and questionable sources of knowledge. There’s plenty of stories out there, plenty of do nothing individuals giving dangerous information.

Blogs and discussion boards on even honored sites square measure choked with dangerous recommendation (let alone scary crap the new diagnosed doesn’t need), further nearly as good. Dr. Port cuts through the nonsense and tells you what you would like to understand. and she or he is extremely consolatory. My favorite point: Get a specialist. Get a doc World Health Organization focuses on breast cancer surgery. they’re all over, they do not value to any extent further, and it values it! when reading this, I place the book down, known as my general doc and told him I used to be progressing to get a second opinion, and located a specialist World Health Organization had done a fellowship in B.C. surgery and had been active her craft for 10 years. She did an incredible job. I found her by googling the national breast cancer certification program and selected my space. I blue-eyed this book gave it four not five stars solely as a result of I might have likable additional in-depth data.

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