Holistic Cancer Treatment: Alternative Non-Toxic Treatments That Work (Second Edition) With CD

Holistic Cancer TreatmentHolistic Cancer Treatment Centers

This easy-to-read various treatment guide may save your life. Outsmart Your Cancer explodes the myths concerning various cancer treatments and explains why non-toxic strategies square measure more practical than standard ones. This second edition of Outsmart Your Cancer includes new chapters, associate degree audio compact disc with exalting recovery testimonials from cancer survivors, and an unbelievable quantity of valuable info. Twenty-one totally different various strategies square measure mentioned at the side of real-life stories of individuals World Health Organization utterly recovered from a range of advanced or late-stage cancers victimization various approaches. The book explains why various strategies work higher than standard cyanogenetic treatments and presents details concerning the scientific basis for them, as well as the wonderful formula known as Protocel, that has made unimaginable cancer recoveries over the past twenty years.
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I am lucky that I board point of entry and was able to meet the sort individuals at the Gerson Institute. Gerson is one in every of the therapies that’s lined within the book.

I met with the Gerson team and learned concerning nutritionally supporting the body in order that it will heal itself. i used to be diagnosed with Invasive Ductal cancer. though i’m planning to have surgery, my doctor told Maine that if cancer if found in my lymph gland the prescribed protocol is chemo additionally to radiation. Chemo scares the crap out of Maine. it’s poison!

It’s been 3 weeks since i have been on the Gerson protocol and i have had many wonderful healings occur. I’ve had 5 past injury sites on my body get to a small degree sore, then resolve. This enclosed broken ribs, sprained knee, torn anatomical structure and a cut finger that had nerve injury. My mental clarity has dramatically improved. I failed to expect these aspect effects…they occurred within the initial week of the protocol. to boot my skin appearance beamy, my energy is wonderful and my angle has been thus positive as a result of i do know my body is supporting itself. i do not understand if there is any cancer in my body fluid nodes, however I will bet that it will not be there by the time i am going into surgery.

I hope this review encourages individuals to own the courageousness to require charge of their own healing and to provide your body an opportunity to heal itself.

I extremely suggest this book and encourage others to hunt data.

Very valuable. nice education on many various holistic, safe, and effective approaches to treating and activity cancers while not pain the healthy cells. This book is eye gap to this corrupt system of standard drugs. it’s a book full of hope. The time and analysis that was place into this book is valuable.

nybody World Health Organization has cancer or is aware of someone World Health Organization will ought to think about this book. It deals with comparatively cheap various treatments that square measure seemingly to urge much better and longer-lasting results than costlier standard treatments like radiation and therapy. The author isn’t a health professional, however has quite clearly done her school assignment (probably done additional reasearch than most practitioners waste a lifetime).

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