How Often Do I Need To Get A Mammogram? Secrets Revealed

how often should i get a mammogram after 60

Mammograms area unit how of police work the first stages of breast cancer. It will tell if their area unit changes within the breast tissue that might be cancerous.

The images area unit taken from a minimum of 2 completely different angles. This creates a collection of pictures for every breast. Breast tissue can seem white and opaque and fat can seem darker.

In a screening, the X-ray is finished from high to bottom and facet to facet.

An X-ray is finished as a part of a daily examination by a doc to produce a reference for future comparison. It’s additionally accustomed assess changes within the breast.

You will exchange front of Associate in Nursing apparatus. The person can place your breast between 2 picture taking breast supports. The supports are ironed along, flattening the breast. The compression is important to get the clearest attainable image with the amount of radiation.

There is also some discomfort from the pressure of the compression. It’ll solely last a brief time whereas the x-ray is being taken. If the pressure is simply too nice, tell the person acting the examination. To reduce concern, planning the check 10 days when your last amount starts might facilitate. Your breasts area unit least seemed to be tender at now.


After the X-ray, there is also a brief discoloration of skin or aching as a result of the compression. You may be able to resume your regular duties straight away.

After an explicit age, the chance of breast cancer will increase. There’s disagreement with some consultants concerning once the time to start out obtaining mammograms.

Yearly screening is suggested for girls beginning at age forty. The U.S.A. Preventive Services Task Force doesn’t advocate screenings for girls in their 40’s. The task force says that ladies between fifty and seventy-four ought to have mammograms every 2 years. They are doing not advocate screening when age seventy-four.

The results are sent to your doctor, UN agency can refer to you the results with you.

Mammography facilities area unit needed to send your results to you by mail at intervals a month. If there’s a haul, you may be contacted at intervals 5 days of your check. If you hear nothing in 10 days, things area unit possibly traditional.

According to data, more or less one to 2 of each one,000 tests ends up in a cancer identification. Concerning ten % of ladies would require an extra check.

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