Cook for Your Life: Delicious, Nourishing Recipes for Before, During, and After Cancer Treatment

After Cancer Treatmentrecipes for after cancer treatment

2016 James Beard Award nominee and 2016 Books For A Better Life Award winner

A beautiful, unique cookbook with delicious recipes for after cancer treatment and recovery, from a two-time cancer survivor and founder of the Cook for Your Life nutrition-based cooking programs.
Cook for Your Life could be a one-of-a-kind reference for those whose lives are touched by cancer, organized by the patient’s wants.

Self-taught home cook and wander cancer survivor Ann Ogden Gaffney discovered throughout her months of treatment for breast cancer that she was ready to notice powerful relief for her symptoms through a change of state.

Realizing that alternative patients and families may gain advantage from the talents and techniques she’d learned, she began to supply recommendation, recipes, and free categories to fellow patients.

A former advisor, Gaffney realized when her treatment that her heart was now not in seasonal colors and line trends. Instead, she wished to assist folks with cancer and their families cook and look after themselves. In 2007, the noncommercial organization Cook For Your Life was born.

Its programs has received funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and are embraced by organizations like Columbia University’s career college of Public Health, Mount Sinai Health System, Atlantic Health System Cancer Care, the yank Cancer Society’s Hope people big apple town, and more. Cook for Your Life has touched many thousands of lives. currently, Gaffney delivers her terribly initial extremely anticipated reference, supported Cook for Your Life’s categories.

So many cancer cookbooks are too sophisticated to follow for somebody looking the treatment, or too clinical and uninspired to encourage anyone with compromised style buds to relish. this can be the primary reference to prepare the recipes into classes consistent with the manner patients feel and their wants within the moment, for example, “Simple” recipes once the patient is exhausted, “Safe” recipes once a patient’s system is compromised, and “Spicy” recipes once a patient is feeling higher and wishes to awaken her style buds.

With its heat, authority, lovely style, and neatly planned format, Cook for Your Life empowers patients and families to cook their manner back to health. Cook for Your Life delicious alimental recipes for before throughout and when cancer treatment.

This book is out and away the most effective of the numerous cancer cookbooks I own! the flexibility to decide on recipes consistent with the readers wants at that point is invaluable!

I ne’er knew that feeding in an exceedingly healthy, alimental manner might be thus delicious and simple! I actually have recently created the shift from Cancer Patient to Cancer Survivor.

I am convinced it’s because of the mixture of learning the proper thanks to eating throughout and when treatment moreover as having nice doctors. I actually have been lucky enough to participate in an exceedingly few of Ann Gaffney’s categories at Hope Lodge NYC.

This reference permits ME to feature the cherished recipes from those categories. Thanks, Ann, for all of “Ann’s Tips” throughout the book. It makes is such a lot fun! extremely recommended!!

The excellent reference always with cancer and for the other time. The recipes are comparatively simple and everyone healthy.

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