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This is a page of useful links to external web sites which contain further information about cancers.

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Action on Bladder Cancer

Action on Bladder Cancer is a dedicated charity with news, information, and support for health professionals


Anticipatory Care Calendar

The Anticipatory Care Calendar is a free resource for any social care setting supporting people with learning disabilities or dementia.  This tool will provide an improved way of recording health issues and can offer solutions to communicate these issues to the appropriate health professional and therefore access health services quicker.The ACC is a simple tool to improve the daily surveillance of health for adults with learning disabilities or dementia. It overcomes some of the barriers that can prevent people with learning disabilities or dementia accessing health services.


Beating Bowel Cancer

Beating Bowel Cancer is a support and campaigning charity for people affected by bowel cancer. They provide practical and emotional help - on the phone, digitally and face to face and run the UK’s only nurse-led specialist helpline for bowel cancer.  The website has resources, links to information as well as various forums to take part in discussion or ask questions.


Beyond Words

Beyond Words is a small not-for profit social enterprise that aims to help people with learning disabilities to understand their world. Their website lists resources for adults with learning disabilities, their family carers, support workers and other professionals.


BME Cancer Awareness

Specialists in organising and hosting BME cancer awareness events within local communities.


Bowel Cancer Factsheets

A range of downloadable factsheets from Bowel Cancer UK.


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