Breast Cancer: Reduce Your Risk with Foods You Love

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Breast cancer prevention for women of all ages, with the unique perspective of a pediatrician specializing in adolescent health. This year, close to 190,000 new cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed in the United States alone. Would you like to learn how to take yourself out of the group most likely to get that news? You can… with choices that are easily within your grasp. Start today! Written by a pediatrician with a passion for prevention, all women, even teens, will find Breast Cancer: Reduce Your Risk with Foods You Love is clearly written and straight to the point. The guidelines recommended will have the greatest impact when started in the preteen years, but it is never too late to reduce your risk. One section is devoted to healthy eating strategies for women who are in treatment or breast cancer survivors. In this simple to follow and easy to read guide, Robert Pendergrast, MD will show you: Specific actions that are known to reduce risk, An overall diet plan, 10 specific foods which are powerhouses of prevention, A guide to avoiding toxins in foods and the environment, and An integrative approach to health and wellness. Carefully researched with scientific citations at every step, Breast Cancer: Reduce Your Risk with Foods You Love is an easy to read practical guide women of all ages can enjoy.

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