60 children malaga with cancer completed the Santiago rally

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If you have to look for heroes, you don’t have to go through the sports press. They’re here. Whatever the reason, the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela can never be a Sunday walk. The kilometers that separate the starting point to the Obradoiro Square, where all roads converge, remain the same challenge today as centuries ago. To the risk of the unknown one must add to the physical effort that requires a journey that runs along random paths. The way of Santiago has been done so much and in all the ways that there was a suspicion that there was only one feat left to do. But this is exactly what happened this morning, when a group of 60 children from Malaga, aged between two and 19, have made their way through narrow alleys leading to the Cathedral. Not any group but a group of children who have been treated for cancer. They have just completed a journey that was motivated to turn on lights and give visibility to the disease. To raise awareness about marrow donation and its importance in the healing process. And to celebrate that they’re alive. Because once you reach the critical point,”all you expect is that the Lord will give you another day with your son.

These words belong to Nicolás Lobato. Just six days ago it was launched with the other parents and children who have passed through the fourth floor of the Málaga mother and Child Hospital. Whoever enters this plant knows that the exit will not be easy. Even there can be no way out. For this reason he now describes his entrance to the Cathedral Square as”the most spectacular moment of his life”. His case and that of his son, who is named after him, serves to synthesize this journey. A descent to hell to heaven. Nicholas, a Goaz car salesman, was attending to some customers when he received the call from the Institute. Your child is admitted with severe headaches. An MRI and several tests later the severe headaches became a brain tumor. The cancer that had already infected the whole body. It was December 4, 2017 and his son, then, was only nine years old. “When they told me, I was sunk. I remember being told to operate as soon as possible. The thing he painted fatal”. Removed the tumor, little Nicholas was tied to the bed, unable to move or turn his head to drain the wound. “Imagine what that is for a nine-year-old. I spent the two weeks crying nonstop.

What came after was just as hard. In total, 31 radio and chemotherapy sessions: “the doctors told me that with my son you had to go over the limit. What he wasn’t going to get, the treatment was going to bring him the disease.” Nicholas still remembers when he had to hold his son because he could not stand. So weakened, he had even lost sight and could not articulate any words. After two years of long days and empty nights on the fourth floor of the Maternal Infant, last May 31, came the resonance that changed everything: “we were told that my son was clean.” This morning, the two Nicholas have traveled the last few meters together. The father carrying the son in his arms: “my son did not stop crying, but he told me not to worry, that it was of happiness.” The wheelchair, which served the little one to rest when he was already very tired, is now pending his final retirement.

Last Saturday, the whole group moved to Sarria. From here they have carried out the marked section that separates this municipality of Lugo De Santiago, together with a medical team consisting of six pediatricians and seven nurses. Between them, Laura Garcia. Oncology pediatrician from the years 2007, knows perfectly how to paste this damn illness: “cancer is a family disease because it affects the whole family”. Between parents, he says, a very close bond is created: “they are reflected in other cases and basically help themselves to survive. This spirit of overcoming has been seen throughout this journey.

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