80% of skin cancer cases are due to excessive sun exposure

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80% of skin cancer cases are due to excessive exposure to the sun without taking the right photoprotection measures.

This was stated by the Dermofarmacia member of the official College of Pharmacists of Cantabria (COF), María García del Hierro, at the conference ‘The Sun can leave an indelible mark on your skin’, held on Tuesday at the Eladio Laredo Cultural Centre in Castro Urdiales, with the collaboration of the COF, and attended by more than forty people, including the president of the college, Rita De la Plaza.

The talk is part of the solar protection campaign promoted by the delegation in Cantabria of the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC), and included the participation of García del Hierro, the assistant doctor of the Radiotherapy Oncology Service of the University Hospital Marqués de Valdecilla, María Ferri Molina.

At the conference, the vowel of the COF has explained that UVA rays are responsible for sunburn, premature aging and skin damage in the DNA, while UVB rays, in addition to damage in the DNA, produce sunburn, and redness of the skin.

With regard to the use of a photoprotector, the rapporteur recalled that the sun protection factor (SPF) refers to protection against UV radiation only, and that it is necessary to apply half an hour before sun exposure and then every two hours.

With regard to people taking any medication, he has recalled that some medications may react with the sun causing photosensitivity reactions. It is of particular importance that these people apply the photoprotector to all exposed areas, several times a day and every day, including cloudy areas.

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