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Alzheimer’s and four types of cancer

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On October 1, the decree that incorporates Alzheimer’s and four types of cancer – lung, thyroid, kidney, and multiple myeloma – into the plan of explicit health guarantees, better known as AUGE.

The income of these five diseases is free of charge and copayments of up to 20 percent of the total benefit depending on the patient’s forecast, i.e. whether it is attached to Fonasa (sections a and b) or Isapre.

“All the people who to date have already had the diagnosis of some of these 5 new diseases immediately, by the rule of Law from the day of yesterday, they have a right to their medicines will be financed with public funds, have the right to entertainment is guaranteed”, explained the minister of Health, Jaime Manalich.

In that line, he stressed that”it is relevant that it is understood that it is not only people who are diagnosed from now on one of these conditions, but all people who already have this diagnosis.”

This will allow treatments for such ailments to have a free cost to the patient or a maximum co-payment of 20 percent of the total benefit.

People already diagnosed will also be able to access the benefits, according to Minsal.

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