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Beatrice Solomon was interned in the midst of her fight against cancer

Ex vedette Beatriz Solomon suffered a relapse in her ongoing cancer treatment. For this reason, she must have been admitted to Fernandez Hospital.

She got there when she was moved by severe abdominal pains. She was also known to be sedated and accompanied by her family.

In the past time, Solomon had 12 chemotherapy sessions and was undergoing outpatient rehabilitation at home, but the situation became more complicated.

According to the Teleshow portal, the actress went to the public health center to have her blood drawn, but they decided to leave her interned for the pains she was suffering.

She is expected to stay a few days at the Fernández Hospital, where she is accompanied by her friends, brother and daughters, Noelia and Bettina.

At the end of April, Solomon – in full recovery-visited the Mirtha Legrand program. And there he spoke of his state of Health. “I’m better. It’s been a terrible year because this disease is so bloody, it’s terrible. I did good with the blood tests, that’s important.

A week ago that as of everything. But I didn’t eat anything before. I lost 10 kilos and lost all muscle mass. I also lost my mane, ” she said, and she also said that she had a rapprochement with her ex-husband.

There was a little rapprochement, because with the story that I got sick, I couldn’t fulfill the routines that a father or mother has to fulfill. So we had a talk and he started taking care of the babes. Their presence is very important to them.

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