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We show that the gazpacho may curb bowel cancer

One of the foods preferred by the locals can be the solution against cancer of the colon: the gazpacho. The consumption of tomato, garlic, cucumber, pepper, olive oil and water is connected to paralysis in growth and even in the programmed death of tumor cells in the colon, as demonstrated …

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Has Pet technology for cancer and tumor diagnoses

The Dominican Republic has available the highest-level nuclear-based tool to accurately diagnose the most diverse types of cancer and tumors. This is the Positron Emission Tomography (PET) for its acronym in English, which allows the doctor to the detection of various diseases, the doctor said Rosangie of the Castle, nuclear …

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Diagnose and treat cancer as a mathematical error

A cancer is always an error in the formulation of cells when they suffer an alteration in their genetic material and end up causing mutations. A process that can be understood by mathematical algorithms because it represents an anomaly compared to the normal functioning of the tissues of the organism …

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All cancer can return at any stage

Ovarian cancer, according to the American Cancer Society, is responsible for more deaths than any other cancer in the female reproductive system. Dr. Monica Heymann, an oncologist gynecologist, in an interview with Medical Science, warned about the importance of attending medical checkups when they correspond, as they can warn about …

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Radiosurgery shortens and improves cancer treatment

About 75% of cancer patients will receive radiation therapy for the treatment of their cancer, either as a first treatment (50%) or as re-radiations (25%) in case of relapse of the disease. Therefore, precision in treatment is now the main objective of modern radiation therapy. Precision makes it possible to …

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