Gustavo Garzón told Pampita how he beat cancer

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Gustavo Garzón lives a great moment and more if one takes into account his leading role in the series “Monsón”, where he plays the defense attorney of the former boxer after murdering his wife, Alicia Muñiz.

But the actor, one of the most prestigious and recognized in our country and who has acted in countless television programs and films, lived hard times. One of them was a little over 10 years ago, when he was diagnosed with tongue cancer and had to drop everything to cope with the disease and fight with all their strength to overcome it and move forward. This goal was achieved thanks to effective treatment, great Will and positive mentality. Although he did not do all that alone: in a hand-to-hand interview with Carolina “Pampita” Ardohain in his “Pampita On Line” cycle on Net TV, the performer told how he fought cancer, how he changed his way of life and managed to get ahead.

I transited it much better than you can expect from cancer. I went out with great learning and it was nothing tremendous” ” the actor told Carolina and added that the first thing that changed was her way of life- “the first drastic change was to make a stop to take care of me physically and mentally and I went deep with the psychologist, I checked my emotions a lot. Cancer is a disease that is fundamentally emotional.

Today, with the disease in the past, Garzón says that he does not allow problems to “get into the body” and that he tries to be a kinder being and avoid arguments. “I find myself in a stage, both as a father, as a man and as an artist, quite loving, quite pleasing. I’m a manager of my own company, which is me. I’m happy, I dance, I sing

At the age of 64, Gustavo was married to singer Alicia Zanca and is the father of four children from two marriages, Tamara, Joaquín, Mariano and Juan. He made more than 20 films, 35 TV series and several plays in which he acted and others he directed. No doubt a fighter who managed to pull through.

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