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Has Pet technology for cancer and tumor diagnoses

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The Dominican Republic has available the highest-level nuclear-based tool to accurately diagnose the most diverse types of cancer and tumors.
This is the Positron Emission Tomography (PET) for its acronym in English, which allows the doctor to the detection of various diseases, the doctor said Rosangie of the Castle, nuclear physician and clinical coordinator of the Unit, Pet Ct of the Incart.

To start, the National Energy Commission (NEC) is expected to give you the radiopharmaceutical that is done in the cyclotron. All the tests have been done and are almost ready to begin.

It is a diagnostic tool of nuclear Medicine in which we use a radioactive isotope injected through the veins to be able to diagnose certain types of diseases.

Combination Pet / Cet comprises a combined technology used alongside CT, not replacing conventional tools that existed. It is more advanced, but gives more accurate information to the treating physician.
Overview. The magnetic resonance tomography and describe the lessons structural, that is to say, say how you see the health problem, the Pet provides quantified information of what happens within the lesson, ensuring The Castle.

It offers more precision and when Pet was merged with CT, diagnostic errors were considerably reduced.
This tool gives good recommendations for the patient, the doctor and the insurers, make the corrections and make it possible to make pet-guided biopsies.

You can choose where the surgery is to be done to give radiation therapy, Del Castillo says.

One of the great advantages of this technology is that it avoids unnecessary surgical interventions, in the case of cancer, allows you to see where there is an injury, you can see all the metastases. Are two images in unison.
The patient who is going to have a Pet, uses a radiopharmaceutical, that is, a compound that has a physical molecule and a biological, physics emits radiation, and Biological, a trace that is distributed in the body, said the nuclear doctor.

He says that the patient is injected with a glucose analogue, as cancer cells are known to have a preference for sugars.

“This allows you to measure how that cell is working, so Pet / CT monitors and diagnoses lung, breast, cervical, colo-rectal, esophagus, and cervix cancer, but each one has its indication of when to do it,” the expert says.
This tool lets you know the condition of the diseases once the treatment progresses and is able to tell the treating physician if you need to make adjustments or changes in the therapy you apply.
It also allows you to recommend which area a biopsy should be done to get a good diagnosis. All metastases are captured, the field of oncology and cardiologies have been benefited.

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