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Prostate cancer prevention campaign

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In accession to the global campaign in the fight against prostate cancer, teachers and students of the Institute of Higher Education 11, developed yesterday in the pedestrian Belgrano an awareness campaign.

Karina Choqui, coordinator of career of Health worker and promoter of the health of the aforementioned Institute, explained that the work included fifty students of various parts and compete to the two-second years of the Institute. “The idea we think of with the fifty students is to reach the males, who in this case are our goal, who know the symptoms, the First Call of attention given to you by the body. Men always delay their health, so a sequence of stands along the pedestrian was made related to the Prevention of prostate cancer and other topics such as erectile dysfunction or healthy eating.

He pointed out that”this proposal is interdisciplinary, in which the courses of practice and health of the adult and the elderly come together to focus on this particular case, because it is the one that postpones their health situation the most and it is the one that finds it difficult to reach a consultation”.

Choqui recalled that ” in this pathology men come to consultation very late, in advanced stages with all diseases. Then the intention is that he also gives priority to prevention in health because we focus on what is primary prevention, since the majority of students are health-care workers and some of them are already working in the health care system with that function, and as the target is already in the woman and the children inside of all the data, then the man is like the most forgotten, and that’s why we want to reverse that situation.

Dr. Silvia Romano also explained that ” the reason is to do prevention. It is a very quiet cancer, it is quite difficult to do prevention and the only available resource is educating the population to get close to a community centre and get control. They have to come and ask for control, and achieving that goal would be ideal, because it is very quiet and when it manifests symptoms, it is usually already in a somewhat advanced stage. The idea is to prevent it from manifesting itself this way.”

Romano indicated that the optimal age for studies to prevent prostate cancer is from age 50, but in patients who already have a history of a family member who has had prostate cancer it is advised to do so from age 45, and control has to be annual.

It also explained some of the symptoms: “you may have a difficulty at the time of urination, the urination will be slow, there may also be bleeding with the urine, pain in the hip, sometimes edema of the legs, swelling, pain in the limbs, which are the most striking. For this reason, we aim to that just, man, to have a healthy life, have a good diet which is not rich in fats, but rather fruits and vegetables, do sports, have an active sex life within the parameters of normality and that way be able to reach to get a control to prevent the installation of this disease.”

He added that all men from the above mentioned ages should approach the health post if there are any symptoms, for the respective control.

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