Santiago Contra el Cáncer program arrives in Astorga with 44,000 euros collected

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With more than 44,000 euros raised for the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC), a record of donations established last 2018, the non-competitive relay race and solidarity ‘to Santiago contra el Cáncer’ arrives this Friday in Astorga with a record of corregrinos and joins four paths to reach Santiago-Norte, lebaniego, Vadiniense and Frenchman.

The participants, among them from Astorga and the districts, as well as many people from León, passed shortly before 14.00 hours through the main square of the city where they were welcomed by family and friends. Coming from León and Hospital in Orbigo, they run to “give visibility to the AECC and the work they do, not only with the research, but all the support they offer to families and cancer patients in Spain,” said this Friday the organizer César Fernández Buitrón.

The two stages that unite León and Astorga are each year the most emotional of the week, because the initiative was born in León”and many corregrinos run for their land and for their people”. Astorga receives every year with open arms the corregrinos who make the work of the Spanish Association Against Cancer Visible with ” honor and our function is to welcome them with open arms and proud to be part of this path that not only reaches Santiago, but whose destiny is to overcome the disease,” added The Sports Councilman, Javier Guzmán.

Among the runners, there are three astorgans: Manolo, Lidia and Sole Yebra. The oldest runner and the youngest runner are precisely from the bimilenarian city and participate in this solidarity project. This year’s revenue has been a” surprise ” for the organization, which in 2018 set its record at 38,000 euros and which this year expect to reach 46,000 euros in the hope of continuing to maintain this initiative for many more years.

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