This year the 10,000 new cancer cases of 2018 will be exceeded in Seville

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The president of the Andalusian Society of Medical Oncology (Saom), Manuel Ruiz Borrego, warned yesterday that “in 2018 10,000 new cases of cancer were registered in Seville, that this year the figure will be exceeded and that most of them are detected in men and are fundamentally colorectal, breast, prostate and lung.

The doctor notes this fact on a day when the Saom Congress begins in Seville and in which it is evident that something fails in prevention, because the cases increase because there are more and better diagnoses every day but also because we are moving further away from the Mediterranean diet —less fruit, vegetables, legumes and fish— and little from tobacco, not to mention that there are also unknown causes.

In this forum that ends tomorrow 200 oncologists, experts and medical oncology professionals from all over Andalusia will analyze the latest advances and innovative strategies for the treatment of cancer and the novelties in some of the tumors that have the greatest impact on the Andalusian and Spanish population.

The Congress will be held under the slogan “Precision Oncology, are you here yet?”, and it will expose the remarkable diagnostic and therapeutic progress that has been achieved in recent years in the oncology field thanks to the discoveries and results obtained in the new strategies of personalized treatment of cancer, such as immunotherapy, the new molecules and target therapies, or the biotechnological advances applied to tumors.

In addition, the meeting will address other aspects such as clinical trials, therapeutic strategies in disseminated disease, the role of adjuvant and neoadjuvant, or Value-Based Oncology.

Ruiz Borrego points out that precision oncology and research are the two main pillars of this specialty in the 21st century and have represented in recent years a change in the paradigm of the approach, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

This is why they will focus on analyzing the new treatment models, which are becoming more precise and personalized according to patients.

“Our message to society is clear: we are moving significantly in therapies of cancer and increasing survival and improving the quality of life of people with cancer. There is hope for the future,” says the doctor.

Indications for these new therapies are increasing every day, that is to say, the field of tumors, cases, and stages in which they can be applied and given orally, in the hospital, or at home is expanding. It is not classical chemotherapy and carries fewer risks.

That is , there is precision in diagnosis and treatment,” said Ruiz Borrego, ” but these drugs, which are financed, are very expensive and that is why we will also talk in Congress about this issue.

In addition to the fact that the therapeutic arsenal is increasing and perfecting, another good news is that the survival rate is now over 55% if we are talking about all cancers together, because only breast cancer exceeds 80%.

In fact, all the children have overcome the pilgrimage very well. One of them had a feverish process that ended in diarrhea. But most of the treatments they have offered these days have been the ones to walk and travel an average of 20 kilometers per day. “Daily cures of blisters and scrapes have been made. But nothing serious, ” the pediatrician sums up. How did she see the last few meters before she got to the Cathedral? “The whole group has started to cry. About eight years ago the idea of doing this began to emerge. It’s an enormous happiness to be here with the children and their families. Everyone has demonstrated an enormous capacity for improvement.

Now begins the journey back. In total, about 100 kilometers have been traveled. But for this group, heroes and survivors, it’s as if you’ve traveled the world five or six times.

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