We show that the gazpacho may curb bowel cancer

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One of the foods preferred by the locals can be the solution against cancer of the colon: the gazpacho. The consumption of tomato, garlic, cucumber, pepper, olive oil and water is connected to paralysis in growth and even in the programmed death of tumor cells in the colon, as demonstrated by a team of Andalusian scientists.

Researchers in Granada and Almeria have discovered an interruption in the growth of colon cancer cells, after exposing them to gazpacho. After subjecting this typical recipe of the Mediterranean diet to artificial digestion, and exposing cultured tumors to the resulting digestion, it is perceived how the mixture of all its ingredients presents an antitumoral activity than its separate consumption.

The result of all these ingredients is this cold soup that has undergone three phases of human digestion: binding with saliva, passing through the stomach and intestinal transit. During each phase the optimal temperature and acidity conditions are maintained, adding the enzymes that act at every moment of the chain.

As a result, digestate dissolves in different proportions in the culture medium of colon cancer cells. The final product shows that gazpacho not only stops cell growth, but can also induce cell death. This pre-clinical study is the first step in reproducing its results in clinical trials online.

Contact with this type of diet activates a series of genes that cause inhibition in development and that tumors “commit themselves” actively, which is known as apoptosis. Why and how they do it is something that we are working on now, says Pablo Campra, a researcher at the University of Almería, the Discover Foundation.

Andalusian researchers prove that the most famous tomato cold soup in regional gastronomy can paralyze the growth and even the death of tumor cells in the colon

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